Requirements for Applicants

All applicants for freelance translation or interpreting positions must be in possession of the following:

  • An undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, with a mark of at least 2:1 (or equivalent mark)
  • A Master’s degree in translation or interpreting (this must include modules in translation theory)

Professional experience in translation and memberships to professional translation associations are preferred among applicants: the suitability of any experience will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Please note: All candidates will be required to provide proof of qualifications, two referees we may contact, and pass a translation test. Applications from candidates who do not meet the criteria above will not be considered under any circumstances.

Why Work for Animus Translations?

At Animus Translations, translation is not just our business but our passion. We only work with translators who are highly qualified, talented professionals with a passion for translation and a commitment to quality.

The company is, and always will be, run by qualified professional translators who understand the challenging nature of the industry. We have the utmost respect for the skill and precision required in the act of translation and actively promote the recognition of translation as the highly skilled profession that it is today. 

We are dedicated to supporting responsible, qualified translators who believe in upholding vital standards within the profession. We treat our translators as individuals, but above all professionals, and acknowledge the vital role they play in our business.

At Animus, your dedication, reliability, and skill will be rewarded with regular work, prompt payments, and a wage that reflects your extensive training and expertise.

If you have the skills and training for the job and would like to become part of our valued team of translators, please send your CV to

Current Career Opportunities

Animus Translations is currently recruiting freelance translators for all language combinations.

Candidates who meet the requirements to the left should send their CV to the following email address:

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