Additional Expertise

At Animus Translations, we provide translations of arts and literary texts, business and commercial texts, and scientific and technical texts, but our subject area expertise is far from limited to these areas. We work with specialists in a wide range of fields, including legal, financial, and medical translators, as well as experts in a vast array of other specialist areas.

We strive for flexibility and actively seek translators with translation and industry experience in every area imaginable. Our translators are highly qualified professionals and will only ever translate into their native language to ensure fluency and quality. We assign all our projects according to the translator’s experience and expertise, to offer you our most capable translator for your unique requirements. And most importantly, we only ever take on translation projects that we feel our translators can translate proficiently and accurately.

No matter what subject area you need translating, you can rely on Animus Translations to provide a high quality product, translated by a qualified professional and tailored to your individual needs and requirements. To receive a free no obligation quote, or to request further information, email us at