Scientific and Technical Translation

This specialist area encompasses a vast array of subjects from agriculture, to mechanical engineering, to quantum physics, but a common point between all these areas is the inherent complexity and technicality of the subject matter. To translate such texts, not only must the translator be confident and experienced in such fields, but they also must be equipped to deal with specialist equations, diagrams, and charts and have a thorough grasp of the relevant terminology in both languages.

The scientific and technical translator must have an exceptional command of their language, but above all they must have subject area expertise. This may be gained through first-hand experience of the relevant industry, an educational background based in a relevant field, or through consistent training and a focus on such an area of translation.

Only translators who specialise in such a field of translation will possess the in depth understanding of the subject matter at hand and be able to remain up to date with the relevant terminology in multiple languages. And only specialist translators will be able to consistently apply their knowledge and expertise with the precision and accuracy that is of paramount importance to the field.

Scientific and Technical Translation at Animus

At Animus Translations, we only hire qualified, professional translators and actively seek those with specialist knowledge in all fields of translation. We work with highly experienced scientific and technical translators and understand the importance of accuracy and subject area expertise.

We are consistent in monitoring and testing the skills and expertise of our translators and will only ever allocate scientific or technical translations to translators with postgraduate qualifications and the skills and experience to carry out such work.

We combine highly qualified translators with strict quality controls, to ensure that you receive an accurate and high quality translation of your scientific or technical text, on time, and as specified.

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