Proof-reading and Editing

In order to create a positive impression of ourselves or our company, it is vitally important that all the texts we write and publish are thoroughly and consistently proof-read. This final stage of editing prevents unnecessary mistakes detracting from the overall quality of any printed or electronic text.

For businesses this can be particularly important, as the presence of spelling or grammatical mistakes will certainly cast doubt onto the reliability, professionalism, and reputation of the company.

The key to achieving a flawless finished document is for all documents to be proof-read by professionals who understand the subject matter at hand. And if the text is a translation, then any proof-reading or editing must be carried out by a qualified translator.

This is particularly important because a proof-reader of translations must not only be able to understand and compare both texts and correct any errors or discrepancies, but must also be conscious of any linguistic or cultural issues that may arise if the text is not edited in a sensitive manner.

Proof-reading at Animus

At Animus Translations, we provide proof-reading services for both translated and non-translated texts and guarantee that any proof-reading of translated texts will be carried out by one of our highly qualified translators.

As professional linguists, translators have spent their careers honing their language skills and studying subtle nuances of language to best understand and translate a wide variety of texts.

At Animus, we combine such fine-tuned linguistic abilities with a Masters level education, and relevant subject area expertise. This combination of professional study and experience cultivates the perfect blend of language skills, attention to detail, and sensitivity to translated texts which makes our translators excellent, responsible proof-readers.

To further ensure customer satisfaction, we implement strict quality controls to guarantee that your text or website is returned to you as the flawless, polished product it was designed to be. To receive a free no obligation quote, or to request further information, email us at