The art of subtitling is perhaps one of the most challenging areas in translation. Not only must the translator possess an exceptional command of both the language to be translated and of their native language, in order to create a fluent, high quality translation, but they must also negotiate subtitling software and the time restraints inherent in the medium.

The technological aspects of subtitling require thorough training designed to equip the translator with the skills to accurately time and divide the subtitles, calculate the maximum number of characters a viewer may read within an allotted time, and finally decide what may be cut from the original script in order to adequately condense the translation without hampering meaning or enjoyment of the film or programme.

Subtitlers must also possess an exceptional command of their native language in order to decide on the most suitable translation for each individual subtitle. They must remain flexible in order to condense this to a fixed number of characters and learn techniques to deal with the specific challenges that may arise during this process.

Subtitling at Animus

At Animus, we understand how challenging subtitling can be, and we only work with qualified professional translators who have had specific training in the subtitling field. Our subtitlers will only ever work into their native language to ensure fluency and allow for the exceptional command of language that subtitling requires.

Wherever possible, we will match our translators to the individual requirements of each subtitling project to ensure subject area experience and expertise. Our customisable translation briefs can be tailored and adapted to accommodate any specific requirements you may have regarding the format, length, or style of each subtitle.

We facilitate communication between our translators and clients and implement strict quality controls throughout the translation process. Through this we aim to maximise both customer satisfaction and job satisfaction among our employees. You will not be disappointed by the results. To receive a free no obligation quote for your subtitling project, or to request further information, email us at info@animustranslations,