Transcription services will be needed if a customer requires a written copy of an audio file or a written translation of such an audio file. The former, referred to as monolingual transcription, requires excellent listening skills as the transcriber must listen to the document and provide a complete and accurate written copy of its content. The latter, referred to as bilingual transcription, involves listening to the audio in one language and providing a written translation of the content in another.

As with other forms of translation, this requires a qualified translator who will translate the audio into their native language. Due to the additional skills required to switch from the audio to written content and the close attention to detail needed to accurately transcribe the foreign language audio, this type of translation can be more time consuming than traditional translation and requires specific skills and training.

Transcription at Animus

At Animus Translations, we offer both monolingual and bilingual transcription of audio files. As with all our translation services, we provide professional, qualified translators to complete such projects and will only ever allow translators to transcribe in their native language.

This native language policy, combined with our strict, quality controls, and thorough testing of our translators ensures you receive a high quality, accurate transcription of your audio files, whether this be completed in the same language, or translated into another.

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