Subject Areas and Languages

We provide translations of a wide range of subjects and for a comprehensive range of languages.

Further information about our services can be found in our sections on Arts and Literary Translation, Marketing and Commercial Translation, Scientific and Technical Translation, or Additional Expertise. You can also find a full list of the languages we work with here.


Why Choose Animus for Website Translation?

Animus Translations is the perfect choice for your website translation. We are committed to providing accurate, polished translations that are tailored to our individual customers’ requirements.

Our combination of qualified translators, subject area expertise and experience, and native language speakers ensures your translated website is of the highest quality, fluency, and accuracy.

Our project managers follow procedures specifically designed to ensure the translation process runs smoothly, efficiently, and pleasantly for all parties involved and facilitate communication between our valued customers and our professional translators.

We implement strict quality controls and checks throughout the translation process, to ensure that your translation reaches you on time and as specified.

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