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Our Translators

We work with highly qualified, professional translators to ensure the highest quality translations. All of our translators have at least a Masters’ qualifications in translation, in addition to a wide range of other qualifications in various subjects. Many of our translators come to us after having worked in other industries and gained vital specialist knowledge of other markets and professions. They are talented linguists with an in depth understanding of their mother tongue and mastery of the language(s) they translate.

By completing challenging postgraduate qualifications in translation, our translators have shown their commitment and dedication to translation and their passion for languages, which they have then fine-tuned and perfected through practice and experience. They take pride in their work, as we take pride in them.

Our translators work for us on a freelance basis and are based all over the world, ensuring we are able to find native speakers of a wide range of variants for our core languages. To ensure fluency and accuracy, our translators will only ever translate into their native language. Before they come to work with us, all of our freelance translators go through a recruitment process, including qualification and reference checks and completion of a translation test specialist to their languages and area of expertise.

For us, translators are an essential and treasured resource; without them, we simply couldn’t do what we do. To ensure our translators are happy working with us and are able to perform to their strengths, we ensure they feel valued and are treated with respect. We pay them generous rates and provide them with ample resources and support to complete their work.

We never overwork our translators or expect them to adhere to urgent deadlines or unsustainable workloads, as we believe ‘rush’ projects and tired translators lead to poor translation quality. We allow them the freedom to choose which translation software they want to work with and which subjects they want to translate, to ensure each translator can work to their strengths.

In this way, we are able to maintain strong relationships with our translators so we have talented professional linguists to turn to when we need them. This means we can offer our clients a reliable and high quality service completed by translators who love the work they do, produce accurate and fluent translations, and deliver projects on time and tailored to your needs.

Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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