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Do we currently have any vacancies?

Sadly, no. We won’t be hiring any in-house translators, full time staff, or interns for the foreseeable future. We aren’t currently hiring freelance translators either, but we do check through the CVs we have on file when such positions become available. If you meet our requirements and would like to be considered for a freelance position in the future, please feel free to send your CV to careers@animustranslations.co.uk. We will keep your details and contact you if we need your services in the future.

You can find out more about the sorts of freelance applicants we look for or if our company is right for you below. For advice on working as a freelance translator with us or other clients, you can also check out our blogpost: Getting started as a translator: our tips and advice.

Why work for Animus Translations?

At Animus Translations, translation is not just our business but our passion. We only work with translators who are highly qualified, talented professionals with a passion for translation and a commitment to quality.

Our company is, and always will be, run by qualified professional translators who understand the challenging nature of the industry. We have the utmost respect for the skill and precision required for translation and actively promote the recognition of translation as the highly skilled profession that it is today.

At Animus, we know what’s it like to work as a freelance translator and we know how agencies often treat their translators. We strive to do better – in fact, this was the whole reason our agency came to be (you can read our full story here, if you’d like to know more). We don’t send out mass emails, or insist on rushed deadlines, and we know that you may need to ask questions during the translation process.

We are dedicated to supporting responsible, qualified translators who believe in upholding vital standards within the profession. We treat our translators as individuals, but above all as professionals, and acknowledge the vital role they play in our business. Your dedication, reliability, and skill will be rewarded with good communication, prompt payments, and a rate that reflects your extensive training and expertise. If you'd like to hear what our translators say about working with us, you can read their feedback here.

If you have the skills and training for the job and would like to become part of our valued team of freelance translators, please send your CV to careers@animustranslations.co.uk.

What requirements do we have for applicants?

We require all applicants to have at least a Masters’ degree in translation, preferably with an undergraduate degree in translation or foreign languages. You must be a native speaker of the language you translate into and have an excellent understanding of your source language. Membership to a professional translation organisation is also preferred, but not required.

In terms of experience, the more the better. We will require certain amounts of specific experience in technical fields, if you wish to work in those areas, and prefer translators with at least 2 years’ experience as a professional translator. However, as we know how difficult it can be to get into translation professionally, we may take on promising freelancers with less experience so long as the clients involved agree to this.

We are flexible in terms of working hours and deadlines, where possible. As long as the translator can let us know when best to contact them and respond promptly, we are happy to work with both part time and full time translators. We also expect our freelancers to let us know if they have any difficulties as soon as possible, so we can help where we can, and keep the client informed.

All translators will be required to complete an application process, which involves reference and qualification checks and a short translation test. If successful, translators will be given access to our translator portal, where they can provide all the relevant details we need to assign projects to them and start working together.

Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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