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Qualifications, CVs & Certificates

Translation of official document such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or qualifications are often requested by both individuals and companies. In most cases, these need to meet certain requirements, such as being certified by a qualified translator, in order to be accepted by the courts, government authorities, or an employer.

They also tend to use very formal and official language, which the translator will need to be familiar with. The format for such documents also varies according to the country or institution that produced it. It is of the utmost importance that such documents are translated accurately and in a manner that meets any requirements the client may have.

We offer a certification service for all official documents, should this be required. This will provide you with a certificate attesting to the accuracy of the translation, which is signed by the translator completing the project. It will include the translator’s name and qualifications, which will be sufficient for most official purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot provide sworn translations, as there is no accreditation system for sworn translators in the UK.

For CVs, our priority is offering the customer the best possible chance of success with their application. The goal with any CV is to produce a professional, fluent document without mistakes in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, which presents the applicant in the best possible light. CVs must create a positive first impression and we therefore recommend proofreading for all CVs, whether or not they are translated.

Depending on the country you wish to work in and the specific company you are applying to, it may also help to adapt the format or style of your CV accordingly. Our translators can provide advice about the information you should include in a CV for their native country and will be happy to meet any requirements your intended employer may have. Further information about our proofreading and adaption services can be found on our proofreading and localisation pages.

As with all our translations, our document and CV translation service is provided by highly qualified translators with at least a Masters level qualification in translation and experience in the relevant field. All of our translators are native speakers of the language they translate, to ensure a fluent and accurate translation, which can be especially important for documents such as CVs. As an agency, we will work with the customer and translator to ensure your needs are met and the translator has all the information they require.

If you would like to discuss a translation for your qualifications, CV, or certificates, you can contact us by email at info@animustranslations.co.uk, by phone on +44 3333 443139, or you can request a free, no obligation quote using our online request a quote form. We will be delighted to help.


Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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