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Bespoke Projects

Do you need a combination of our services?

All of our services and languages can be combined as required. We offer a flexible service and will be happy to discuss which options would help you the most. Some products go hand in hand with each other, such as translation and proofreading, which we often recommend as a package for client-facing or technical projects. Other common combinations include transcription and translation or transcription and subtitling.

Do you have specific requirements for your translation or language project?

We can accommodate many requests and will be happy to discuss your needs with you. For example, many of our clients have style guides or terminology glossaries they prefer to use. Or perhaps you’re looking for a translator from a specific region, such as Mexico or Brazil, or translation into multiple languages. All of our clients are different and we look forward to helping them reach their individual goals.

Do you need a service or language not listed here?

If so, feel free to contact us. There are many services we can provide on request, such as multilingual copywriting or editing. Please make sure you contact us in advance for such projects, as it may take more time to find suitable professionals. There are some services we can’t currently provide, such as interpreting or dubbing. However, we will always do our best to direct you to someone who can help you if we can’t meet your needs.

To discuss your project with us, you can contact us by email at info@animustranslations.co.uk, by calling us on (+44) 03333 443139, or you can request a quote using the form below.

Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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