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Audio translation, otherwise known as transcription, provides a written copy of the dialogue from audio or video files. There are two types of transcription: monolingual transcription, which provides a written copy of audio in the same language, and bilingual transcription, which provides a translated copy of the audio file.

It is possible for bilingual transcription to be carried out by a single translator, which would involve listening to the audio in one language and then writing this down in a different language. This process can be challenging and is certainly more time consuming than both monolingual transcription and traditional document translation. It is also has more potential for mistakes or misunderstanding, as the translator will usually only speak one of the languages as their mother tongue.

In order to avoid such mistakes, we produce transcription in two stages. In the first stage, the audio content is transcribed by a native speaker who can quickly and accurately produce a written copy of the file. In the second stage, this written copy is translated into one or more other languages by professional native translators for the languages required.  This method means that native speakers of all languages are involved in the process, avoids potential mistakes, and saves time for the final translator. It also allows for translations into multiple languages, without the need for each translator to first listen to the audio file, thus saving time and improving accuracy.

In order to provide a complete and accurate written copy of audio files, transcribers must have excellent listening skills and a keen attention to detail. At Animus Translations, we work with professional transcribers who are native speakers of the language used in the audio. Once a written copy of the audio or video has been produced, we work with qualified and experienced translators in order to provide translations into multiple languages. This includes working with translators with the expertise required to translate specialist fields, such as scientific, medical, or legal content.

The service we provide is flexible and can include options such as time codes for the transcription, identifying different speakers in the audio, or descriptions of actions or sounds for video content.  At this point in time, we do not provide voiceover services, but we will be happy to provide a written script for any voiceover artists you may wish to use.

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Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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