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Document translation is a broad field covering all types of written document, including novels, contracts, email correspondence, advertising, and academic or scientific articles. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that your documents are translated by the right person, with the right skills and experience for the specific type of document you need translating.

As with all types of translation, it is also essential that your document be translated by a native speaker to ensure fluency, accuracy, and cultural awareness. In addition, providing translators with as much information as possible about how your document will be used, as well as copies of any glossaries or reference material you have, will allow the translator to fully understand your needs and requirements.

At Animus Translations, our translation policies are informed by a solid translation background and professional experience, which is why all of our translations are completed by native speakers of the language required, with at least a Master’s degree in translation. We are committed to providing accurate and polished document translations that are tailored to our individual customers’ requirements. To ensure this, we will match your project with a professional translator with a suitable level of experience and training for the type of document you need translating.

We work with specialist translators in a number of fields, such as law, medicine, and finance, and will be happy to provide our translators with glossaries and style guides if your company has preferred terminology or branding. Our combination of qualified translators, subject area expertise, and native language speakers will ensure your translated document is of the highest quality, fluency, and accuracy.

As for the translation process, we provide an efficient and pleasant experience for all parties involved, by facilitating communication between our valued customers and our professional translators and encouraging feedback and suggestions. Our translations can be provided with or without proofreading and localisation, depending on your needs.

We work with many document formats, including standard file types such as Word documents and PDFs, as well as handwritten and scanned documents, and offer a variety of solutions for formatting your text according to your requirements.

We will be delighted to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have. To receive a free, no obligation quote, you can use our dedicated request a quote form, or contact us at info@animustranslations.co.uk to discuss your project further.


Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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