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Software translation is a specific area of translation with its own particular challenges. It often involves specific terminology which must remain consistent across different packages and applications and can often be unique to the software in question. Translators working in this field must therefore be familiar with the specific terminology and style used in software applications. Software for areas such as accounting, or graphic design, will require additional specialist and technical knowledge.

It is also particularly important for key terms and phrases to remain consistent throughout the software, in order to ensure software applications remains as user friendly as possible in all languages. To achieve this consistency, software translators must make use of translation tools and term bases, in order to record previous translations for specific terms and phrases, including those used in previous versions of the software and in similar programmes and packages.

The lack of context in many software instructions and headings can also pose challenges for translators, so translators must be familiar with the type of software to be translated in order to understand the intended meaning. Having access to the full programme can facilitate this, but is not always possible if the software is still in development.  Lastly, the code used within the software can pose problems if a translator is not familiar with it, so software translators must have experience with software development in order to know which parts of the file to leave unedited in the translation.

At Animus Translations, we work with highly qualified, native language translators with at least a Masters’ degree in translation. We also ensure translators working on software translations have experience in the appropriate field.  Graphic design or programming software, for example, will involve specific terms and vocabulary. We therefore make sure the translator has the specialist knowledge needed for each project, as well as time to research and clarify any terms they may not have seen before.

In order to ensure the language used in the translated software is consistent, we also require our software translators to use translation memory tools, which store and record their previous translations of words and phrases. If you have previous translations of older software versions, our translators will also take these into account if requested, which can ease the transition between different versions for software users.

We will be happy to accommodate your individual requirements and requests, such as the use of simple, clear language to ensure your software is easy to use, keeping within certain character or word limits to fit with your software design, or providing translations tailored to specific countries, such as Brazil or Portugal.

If you need your software translating into multiple languages, we can coordinate this work in order to provide you with consistent and appropriate translations for each country or language you wish to work with. You may also be interested in our localisation service, which will help you to thoroughly adapt your software, both culturally and linguistically, for specific audiences, groups, or countries. 

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Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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