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What do our translators say about us?

"A very professional, friendly and well organized agency. Prompt payment. Look forward to working with Nyx again in future."
Ulla Paasonen, Freelance Translator, Finland

"Translation instructions were precise and payment on date."
Eduardo Marques, Freelancer Translator, Portugal

"Working with Animus Translations is an enjoyable experience. Nice PM and quick payment."
Yuemin Chen, Freelancer Translator, China

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Animus Translations: the project was interesting, Nyx was extremely professional and helpful, and payment was prompt."
Alvin Parmar, Freelance Translator, United Kingdom

"Nyx Whyte is a great project manager: they were friendly and their instructions were clear and detailed. Prompt payment. I would love to work with Animus Translations again!"
Carmen Morata, Freelance Translator, Canada

"It's a pleasure to work with Nyx and their team. Very helpful and responsive. Payment on time."
Sehnaz Turcagalar, Tulip Translate, Canada

"They gave me clear instructions and they kept their promises. I would love to work with Nyx again."
Alain Alameddine, Freelance Translator, Lebanon

"Interesting projects and ultrasonic payment. Nyx is well organized and a very professional PM. I would definitely work for Animus Translations again!"
Eva María Ruiz, Freelancer Translator, Spain

"Nyx is a pleasure to work with: friendly, professional and reliable."
Laura Bouchard, Freelance Translator, Argentina

"A very friendly and professional agency; I would be most happy to work with them again."
Tuulia Tipa, Freelance Translator, Germany

"Nice contact, very fast payment."
Ditte Dennison, Freelance Translator, Germany

"I really liked working for this company!"
Inês Baptista, Freelance Translator, Portugal

"Nyx Whyte is friendly, nice and professional and has excellent business communication skills! Instant payment, 1 day after delivery! I would never hesitate to work for Animus/Nyx again! :-)"
Petter Björk, Freelance Translator, Finland

"Nyx is a very nice and competent professional. Great attitude and prompt payment! Hats off!"
Vincenzo Di Maso, Freelance Translator, Portugal

"Nyx was a pleasure to work with. Nice interesting project and super-fast payment with good rates. I would definitely recommend this agency!"
Danai Roussou, Freelance Translator, Spain

"Detailed and correct description of the job, prompt payment. Professional in every aspect. Lovely to work with."
Gabriella Endredi, Freelance Translator, Hungary

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